Fine Art Photography by Bill Theis
Participant of ArtSpan San Francisco Open Studios

Participant of ArtSpan San Francisco Open Studios

ArtSpan’s 2020 SF Open Studios will not be bound by weekends, neighborhoods, geography, or specific studio sites. We will be hosting LIVE virtual events over a series of days from mid-September through mid-October to ensure each artist gets an event slot. These virtual offerings will primarily be hosted on a trusted art festival virtual platform, with additional more intimate gatherings via Zoom.


My webpage at ArtSpan

I will be standing by to discuss art face-to-face (virtually, of course!) just like a real open studio event, for example, Art Trails in Sonoma County. Besides me, there are over 60 other artists, many from Sonoma County, that can be visited simply by entering their “booth” and turning on your video. You may survey the event, but we will be in our booths from 10AM until 2PM on Oct 3

There were multiple events and I was part of “Teal”

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