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Idea for inexpensive home-made display panels

Idea for inexpensive home-made display panels

Materials needed (per 80” long panel)

The least expensive primed hollow core door that you can find with no cutouts for doorknob (used ones work too)

  example for $42@. This is what you are looking for:

Several 2×4 studs as needed for support (about $4 for 8’)

Nails or screws (or if you want to be able to break them down for storage you will need to use a removable fastener of some kind—recommend “carriage bolts” with wingnuts)


Saw, Hammer (if nailing), Screwdriver (if screwing), Brushes (if painting)

If you don’t like white, you will need to repaint them

If you’re not handy with tools, find a friend who is

Carriage Bolt

Nicole Ours had them built by Tim Chappell with rollers to help move them about, covered them

(although you can just paint them), made them so they could be disassembled for storage

Nicole’s homemade panels
Leg Detail

Tim Chapell did all the construction for Nicole, including extensive research to find/make several of the component parts. Nicole would be happy to have artists come to check them out, but cannot provide specifics of the design. As skilled as Tim is, for instance, it took experimentation to find the right mastic to hold the indoor-outdoor carpeting to the doors with the weight of framed oil paintings. Without the carpeting & the specific kind of drapery hook which was strong enough to hold paintings, yet configured to “bite” into the carpet and still be inserted by Nicole’s arthritic hands, there would not be enough flexibility to display many sizes of the work. 

To arrange to see these panels, contact Nicole Ours

[email protected]

(Note:  for economy, you can just use hangars screwed into the door)

Detail of hanging method
Another hanging detail

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