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Assembling Metal Frames

Assembling Metal Frames

They never give you instructions on metal frame assembly so here are some. Start with the lengths you need for the piece of art.  I will be illustrating with a 20″x30″ photograph mounted on “gatorboard” and will not use a matte board or a glass which adds only a small bit to the complications.  So for this you would need 2-20″ sides and 2-30″ and they should be of the same kind (depth, type).  You will then join THREE of them together leaving the narrow side open.  You will then slide the artwork into the frame with the front up so you don’t really touch the artwork as you slide it in.  Then you attach the fourth side.  A video is a worth a thousand words so for inserting the corners:


and putting artwork into partially assembled frame:


then to hold the artwork against the front of the frame you insert springs



Next you attach the binding fixtures for the hanging wire.  Attach them so they are approximately the same distance down from the top, say 8″ for a print of this size.  The wire should not show when you hang the print so it must be less that this distance down when stretched as if it were hanging on a wall hanger.


and then attach the wire 

then hang it and enjoy!

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