Fine Art Photography by Bill Theis
A short history of my business cards.

A short history of my business cards.

Back in the mid 1960’s I got my first business card which I used for about 20 years. Short and to the point, name and address, “Theis Photos” and that was it. The fact that I did Weddings, Portraits, and “Commercial Photography” in a small Texas town with less than 1000 residents was successful only because I had a monopoly. Shooting in the days of film and no instant confirmation of success was a challenge, as were my subjects at times!

When I got a real job and no longer needed to do work for others, I began a very long journey of fine art photography that continues to this day. No complaints: I was able to pay for college (with a car) and 9 years or graduate school with a camera. But it was a new time, so with my first website I did the business card in the center. And then this year, it was just time to change and freshen up as well as making the information more readable… enter the bottom card which I likely will use for some time (since I bought so many of them!).

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