Fine Art Photography by Bill Theis

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The cameras I have used ranged from 8″x10″ view cameras to modern DSLRs (NO early digital cameras ever used). Those interested in knowing exactly which ones they are, hit button below:

All prints can be made with great resolution up to more than 5 feet on a side as evidenced by these higher resolution presentations of select images which are unsharpened. Please follow these instructions to view them:

  • Click the image and it will open it in a new TAB in your browser. I do not recommend mobile viewing.
  • I recommend that you toggle your Browser to full screen (in “View” tab, choose “Full Screen”).
  • Enlarge the image by simply clicking on it several times, or use your mouse scroll wheel. There is also a “+” button at the bottom of the image.
  • Reduce the image by using your mouse scroll wheel or the “-” button at the bottom of the image. The “Z” button resets view.
  • “Click and drag” to move the image around.
  • There is a “Purchase” link at the bottom right where you may purchase the currently viewed image.
  • Close the current TAB to return to this page after you are finished and want to see a different image.

Clepsydra Geyser.
Glowing Rivulets
Pier 7.
Maroon Vineyards.
Bordered in White
Bowling Ball Beach.
“Have you found your prince?”
Red Lion

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